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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Maalaala Mo Kaya * Feb 28 Angel Locsin

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I wasn't able to watch this episode. Sobrang nacurious talaga ako kasi sabi nila she was an honor student at UP. Is this true?

Andro said...

First off, I watched the episode because I like Angel Locsin.
The story in itself is so so. And so full of inconsistencies.

My Two Cents Worth:

1. IF supposedly the story was true, it may be difficult but not that impossible for a Summa to get a job. Even busted light bulbs serve in government.

2. She’s a Summa, that means she is smart. Who among the dimwitted writers made her go to Manila to look for a job? Haven’t they heard of a square peg in a round hole? And what possible job can an agriculture major find in Manila? Would Bayani Fernando hire her for his Metro Guwapo Program?

3. Reality check. Being a college graduate doesn’t always mean or bring financial success. Either the writer is still living in the dark ages or have no grasp of the realities of the corporate world.

4. Not all Cum Laude or higher graduates can get a job easily unless they are head hunted. Remember, they have to pass through HR. So not only must they have the qualifications, but you also must have the personality and adaptability to work well with a prospective boss. We have had several of these graduates with very very impressive resumés but they have this attitude “Hey, I’m smarter than you, so why wouldn’t you hire me?” Guess what happened next? Those resumés met with the paper shredder right after he/she stepped out the door. No active file for them.

5. Why do they always portray the barrio lass with big dreams to end up as a bar girl or dancer and keeping this from their families? You’re right. No girl with brains like her will sink that low so quickly. Not unless that lass has a real need to be big fast by sleeping her way to the top. Someone we know?

6. ABS-CBN featured in a news report the supposed source. Big deal. How much of her story featured in MMK was true? Most of us may not be Summa’s but don’t insult our intelligence. Such a disservice to the Filipino.

7. I know it’s not that easy to write a story, but couldn’t they have better writers with a solid grasp of current realities. Geesh.


Anonymous said...

hello,i was just curios if this story is true?when i was viewing this i feel sad because an honor student with highest honor did not accepted when applying a sobrang talino nabaliw xa or kulang sa foods...UP pa man din xa nag graduate...

risep said...

sa san pablo laguna yan nakatira..
nakikita ko nga yan dati eh may dalang pusa... kakaawa naman sya...
tawag nga sa kanya "mayda" it means maydalang pusa...
buti napagamot nga sya eh..
kaya nakabalik na sya ulit sa kanila..