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Saturday, July 5, 2008


The DOTC hotline 7890 (or 02-7890 for long distance calls) is open 24 hours for transportation and travel-related complaints.

It is now time to stand-up and fight for our fare discount. I observed that a lot of jeepney drivers are not giving discounts to students especially during weekends, breaks and holidays considering that students are still entitled to a discounted fare 24/7. They even shout and embarrass students and senior citizens. The jeepney fare is now P8.00 but students and senior citizens should only pay P6.50 (actually P6.40 rounded off) but jeepney drivers are charging P7.00. They will not give your P0.50 change. So you should pay them exactly P6.50 to available the exact discounted fare. I don't understand why drivers are making a lot of their own rules and disregarding the policies of LTO and LTFRB. They always ask for fare hike and they get mad at the government for not taking actions. They should first examine theirselves. They should not make their status in life as a reason for doing these kinds of acts. It is like a robber or a thief who is saying that they are just doing such acts because of poverty. You could make some money though legal and good ways and not by making their own rules that violate the policies of the LTO and LTFRB to be able to avoid the discounts given to students and senior citizens. I think these jeepney drivers should be penalized. The best punishment would be cancellation of Driver's License and Franchise.

I'm also concern about the discount for DISABLED. I think a lot of drivers are not used to giving the discount. The disabled should demand for their discount and I hope their would be no discrimination from the drivers. The drivers should not fool them or even embarrass them. We should help them.

I hope LTO and LTFRB would be able to address the concerns of the students and senior citizens. They should be able to implement all of their policies and should monitor the ones who are using fake fare matrix and those who are not using any at all. I also hope that FXs would be regulated because I think they are charging too much and students and senior citizens are not given the discounts that they are entitled to.They should also monitor the buses who are not giving tickets and discounts.

I hope all of us cooperate and help one another. If you experience or see events regarding fare discounts or any other transportation concerns, please report it to DOTC(number is available at the top and bottom of this post), LTO or LTFRB.

The DOTC hotline 7890 (or 02-7890 for long distance calls) is open 24 hours for transportation and travel-related complaints.

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