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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Girl Episode 01 *** May 26, 2008

Please comment on the First Episode of My Girl...

I'm really surprised with the First Episode of My Girl.
I didn't expect that ABS-CBN would make the Philippine Version very well because I thought it would look cheap but the good news is it didn't.

It's really funny and I like the flow of the story. I love Kim Chiu when entertains the Chinese tourists and when she talks in Bisaya with his Father.

Well, I'm giving ABS-CBN a 9 out of 10 for the first episode of My Girl.
Hope ABS-CBN continues to improve and maintain the quality of its Franchises.

Not like GMA 7, that murdered the Idol Franchise where everything is copycat and looks like a pirated especially the set, the host and the judges. Everything is wrong.
I think GMA's Kim Sam Soon Franchise couldn't match ABS-CBN's My Girl. And worst they might murder it like what they did to the Idol Franchise.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Anonymous said...

nice dapeke! ang galing mo talaga kasi na post mo tong My Girl.. sana katulad ng post mo sa hana kimi sunod sunod ang post mo din ng my girl.. thanks ng marami!

ChuNina said...

YES! that's right!! they'll franchise KIM SAM SOON... ohHhHh my gosh!! They're truly COPYCATS!! and they also get DALJA'S SPRING from ABS-CBN..

Anonymous said...

kim chiu sucks!!! i always love my girl, its one of my favorite koreanobela but kim didnt give any justice to it! napakaoa nya mag-act.bagay lang xa sa horor.sorry talaga but i knew magiging pangit ang pag-act n kim.d nya na portray ang role n jasmine. disapointing talaga...

whetzki said...

kulet ne kim! hehe.. niwey tenks for posting . ;]

Anonymous said...

hndi bagay ky gErald mging JulliAn kC mxdong seryOSo C jUlliAn, eh Xa hndi mxdong dPt KumuHA Cla Ng mS MAtuREd pRa BuMAGAy s role . C kiM NKa2 tuwa gs2 q tLGAh Xa, BAGAy Xa KnYAh ,...... un Lng

Anonymous said...

a single episode simply doesn't define the entire series. Lee Da Hae has her own brand of comedy and Kim Chiu has her own as well. Lee Dong Wok has his own brand of acting and Gerald Anderson has his own too. we simply can't judge them this early. c'mon, let's give them a chance!

anyway, i really look forward to this series because this is surely fun. unlike other remakes that has a too serious theme.

thanks Dapeke! good luck Kim for the rest of the series!^_^

Anonymous said...

galeeng naman...kakaimpress! ung locations, angles, light at lahat ng elements sa paggawa ng movies/TV xempre ung acting.. pinakita rin ung pagiging makakapamilya ng mga Pinoy...congratz ABS! gudluck MYgirL Philippines! tira2x!

CAMILLE said...


Anonymous said...

hi dapeke! im from NY.. and i visit ur site more often now because i watch these shows.. tnx sa pgupload ha.. atlist khit malau aku/kme, nkakakonek prin kme sa mga shows jan.. ehehe.. its deeply appreciated! more power to ur blog and sna wag ka mgsawa sa pgupload.. aja!^^

Anonymous said...

Hello Poh Dapeke! Ang saya saya talaga itong manga upload mo para sa my girl! Ay request po lang, pa upload mo naman ang 5th episode, yung episode kahapon, May 20 2008. Request lang! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE NAMAN!!! SALAMAT!!!