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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


My internet service provider SMART BRO is now available in Prepaid

Our Smart Bro Subscription...
It's been 2 or 3 years of our subscription with Smart Bro. We decided to subscribed to Smart Bro because that time realized how slow dial-up connection was. It was not enough to browse the net with ease and to play online games. It was also a little expensive because we use the internet atleast 10 hours a day and a 100-peso card only offers 20-30 hours and sometimes the longer the time consumable is, the slower the connection. So we decided to regulate our use by having ISP Bonanza's Free Internet Surfing during midnight up to early morning. We saw Smart Bro offering 384Kbps for only P999 a month with unlimited hours. When we subscribed to Smart Bro, it was really fast. With the dial-up connection, I download a song for 20 mins or more, but with Smart Bro, I can download a song for less than 2 minutes. In the first few days of our subscription, we experienced some problems like intermittent connection and sometimes no connection at all. But fortunately all of the problems were fixed. I realized the importance of our internet connection in times difficult weather conditions wherein some wired broadband or DSL connections were offline for atleast 1 week because the communication wired lines were torn down by the weather. With our Smart Bro Connection, we never experience offline status during that time. Even up to now when there are problems with wired phone lines, Smart Bro is still online and kicking. We thought of changing our internet connection many times but we realized the importance of having internet connection all the time whatever storm or disruption with the wired communication lines occur. But Smart Bro has to still improved their customer service and the speed connection because the standard speed for plan 999 for almost all wired internet service provider is 1Mbps. Smart Bro, I think has upgraded its speed from 384-512Kbps but they do not disclose it in their advertisements. Its only disclosed with the existing subscribers who are regularly visiting the WebConnect site of Smart Bro where you could access your Smart Bro Account.

Smart Bro Prepaid...
Smart Bro now offers Prepaid Broadband Service for a one time payment of P4500 for the USB Modem and P10 per 30 minutes. I would not suggest this for home use because the rate is the same with the rate in the Computer Shops considering that you would also pay for the electricity consumption. It's ideal for those people who are on the go and uses the internet wherever they are. It's better than wifi subscription because it has a nationwide signal with the help of the Smart Communications and you don't have to look for a hot spot. You could use it while in the car of course when your the passenger not the driver because it's very dangerous to drive while surfing the net. It's nice to have a portable internet connection wherever you want.

Smart Bro Prepaid's Alternative
If you are budget conscious, you could try these alternatives. You could buy a cheap 3G phone for atleast 5000-6000 pesos with LG 3G for all. It's a great buy because you will only add 500 with your 4500 that you'll pay for the USB Modem and you'll get an LG 3G phone. You'll get the same features because it offers a 3G connection of 384Kbps like your USB Modem plus a camera and a secondary camera for 3G Video Call. The rate is just the same P10 per 30 minutes with Smart or you could use you Globe 3G phone with their new rate of P5 per 15 minutes. Please take note that is you use you internet connection for 5 minutes you'll be charged of P10 for smart and P5 for Globe. Smart offers per 30-minute charging and Globe offers per 15-minute charging.

Here's the Smart Bro Prepaid Information...

Smart BRO PREPAID, the newest Smart Bro broadband internet service that allows you to surf the net anywhere there’s a PC! Absolutely no Monthly Service Fee since it’s prepaid!

The Smart BRO USB modem is a small, palm-sized device that you can carry with you wherever you go. And anytime you need to surf, just plug it into the USB port of your PC, and you’ll get connected in a flash. Total initial payment is P4500 with FREE P30 broadband load. Broadband Internet use is P10 for every 30 minutes.

Get one at any Smart Wireless Center nationwide,

For more information, contact our hotline at *1888 FREE from your Smart cellphone. You may also call via landline at 672-7277 (MMLA) or toll-free 1-800-10-672-7277 (Provincial).

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